First, make sure that your Prescription is not expired.  For an Optometrist (OD) the Rx will be good for one year from the date it was written, and for an Ophthalmologist (MD), it will be good for 2 years, unless specified otherwise.

Second, Choose your selection on the site on how you will provide your Rx:

If you are going to manually Enter the Rx from your Prescription, please take your time and make sure you enter the values exactly how they are written.  Eye Butler is not responsible for any mistakes made during the Rx entry process.  *We highly recommend that you upload a copy of your Rx to our site or send it to us via email. 

If you choose to enter the Rx  yourself, it is best to start with the Right Eye, which is always listed on top, or first on your Prescription.  Choose the appropriate value, making sure to choose the correct + or – that is listed before the numbers.  The drop-down menu will default to 0.00, and you can move up or down in the choices based on the values for your Rx.  Note it is possible to have 0.00 for the first Sphere power.

Next, choose the appropriate Cylinder power, sometimes abbreviated Cyl on your Rx.  Note that the Cylinder power can be 0.00, or sometimes listed as the words “Sph” or “Sphere”, in which case the value will be 0.00.  If you do have a cylinder value that is not 0.00, the Axis drop-down menu will appear after you choose the cylinder power, and you must enter in that value that is listed after the Cylinder power on your Rx.  The Axis must be between 001 through 180 and may or may not contain 3 digits on your Prescription, but note that 008 is the same as 8, or 098 is the same as 98.

If you are purchasing/needing Progressive or Bifocal (lens replacement only) lenses, you will need to enter in the Add Power specified on the Rx, and this value will always begin with a +, and be between +0.50 through +3.50, in steps of 0.25.  If any of these necessary values are not entered it will cause a delay in the production of your glasses, and for some items the site will not let you move forward without entering in the needed information.

If you have any additional values such as Prism listed on your Rx, please see the FAQ page titled How do I read my Glasses Prescription, to learn more about this type of Prescription.  Please contact customer support a if you have any questions related to Rx entry.

Image of Add power drop down menu to be added once it is on site