We offer the following non-glare coatings:

Standard AR Coating

This reflection free coating also has a scratch resistance coating and is included in the base cost.  An Anti-reflective coating (AR coating) reduces glare by absorbing and redirecting reflected light. This allows more non-reflected light to pass through, leading to fewer visual disturbances.  An AR Coating is not only more cosmetically appealing by looking like there are no lenses in your frame, but they can also aid in night driving by helping with glare from oncoming headlights.

Premium AR Coating

This reflection free coating is hydrophobic (repels water), oleophobic (repels oil, smudges, fingerprints) and has a higher level of scratch resistance.  Our Premium AR coating will possess all the same glare filtering elements as our Standard AR coating, but with a higher degree of hydrophobic and oleophobic properties, the lenses will be easier to clean, and require less cleaning, and be more durable overall.