We offer the following features for our lenses:

Clear Lenses

Standard clear lenses that will automatically filter out UV400.

Blue Light Lenses

These lenses absorb blue light making them more attractive and effective than a coating. The Vision Council has published multiple reports showing the efficacy of filtering out forms of blue light for more overall protection for Blue Light from the Sun, as well as relief from Digital Eye Strain.  All blue light lenses will come with our premium AR coating at no extra cost.

Light-Reactive Lenses

These lenses will darken when exposed to sunlight and go back to clear once removed from the sun. All photochromic lenses will come with our premium AR coating at no extra cost.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized sunglasses lenses are superior to tinted lenses since they have a film inside the lens that helps reduce reflected glare from surfaces such as water, snow, and roads. Polarized lenses filter glare by containing an internal film in the lenses that is oriented in a vertical pattern. The vertical orientation of the film is what blocks the horizontal light.  A standard tinted lens only darkens images, and therefore does nothing for blinding glare.  A polarized lens will also never fade or change colors over time like a tinted lens will from UV exposure.  The experts at Eye Butler know that Polarized lenses are the best sunglass lenses available on the market which is why we don’t even offer tinted lenses on the site.

We sell the following types of lenses:


Single vision lenses are designed to help people who require correction of farsightedness (near), nearsightedness (distance), or astigmatism. These lenses have just a single prescription throughout the lens.




Bifocal lenses are used for a combined near and distance correction. The lenses have a visible line separating the distance correction at the top from the reading correction on the bottom.  Bifocal lenses are available for Lens Replacement only, and we require existing Bifocal lenses to be in the frame you are sending to us, otherwise there is no way to know where to position the Bifocal segment.



Progressive lenses include distance, intermediate, and reading in one lens. These lenses are for people that need correction for all three zones and are often referred to as no-line bifocals. Progressive lenses provide a solution for driving, computer distance, and reading zones. Eye Butler’s HD progressive lenses use the most advanced lens technologies available to ensure optimal vision, and a smooth, crisp transition from distance to near.